This is what our clients say about us.

 “We started installing the TVSS’S in all of our subs in Dec. of 1996. We have gone from a .44 failure to about .25 as of Dec. 1998. We’ve had one unit that exploded but, it did it’s job and nothing downhole was damaged and the switchboard was not damaged. We’ve been real pleased with all the units. The low voltage units that we purchased for our PLC’s and our end devices also have been very responsive to everything that mother nature and West Texas Utilities has thrown at them. Chevron’s investment in my opinion was a good one. Thanks again.”
- Tommy Molinar Chevron McElroy Field

“The TVSS was selected for it’s proven reliability and product exchange program. Since installation, there has been two power surges resulting in zero down time of production and increased life of equipment. The TVSS is worth its weight in gold in protecting our down hole investment.”
- Calumet Florida

“Recently one of these wells incurred some surface damage from a lightening strike, but the subsurface equipment sustained no damage at all.Our investment potentially saved us more than $50,000 in repair costs.”
- Shell Western E&P, Inc

“Lightning struck near this installation knocking out the large HP 480 suppressor. An evaluation of the drive indicated it was still operational.”
- Chevron USA, Inc.

“We can confidently say that your surge protectors that were on the well being studied, are doing a good job.”
- Helms & May Engineering, Inc.

“Apache Oil Company has an acceptable and consistent voltage supply to the Sealy Smith A-27 Well, exclusive of severe electrical storms of the type that struck the area on the night of June 24, 1993. However, we must point out that not one voltage swell was recorded during this storm in spite of the fact that the utility substation and associated breakers were tripped by lightning several times. In other words, the surge suppressor installed below the transformer bank worked as designed.”
- Witte Energy Management

"Voltage variances can happen at any time for a large number of reasons. TVSS’s are an important part of assuring equipment longevity and eliminating loss of production"
- Goldston Oil Company