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DASCO Cleaning Services Now Operating at our Leduc Facility

May 11, 2016

DASCO is proud to announce that we now offer comprehensive cleaning and refurbishment of all products we sell, as well as all oilfield related parts. Our proprietary cleaning process is completely non-invasive, and requires no sandblasting or other destructive intervention. Items such as bearings, pump internals and machined parts can now be cleaned to like-new specification without the risk of damage, or loss of tolerances associated with media blasting. Cable guards, centralizers, and other downhole tools can be cleaned faster and more cost-effectively, saving you money and time.  Equipment is expensive, and budgets are being cut. Don’t risk the run life of your products by compromising them with outdated traditional cleaning techniques. Don’t waste money on excessive labor charges.  

Call today for a free quote, and let DASCO show you how.