Our Team


Dale Serafinchan
Chief Operations Officer – 23 Years in Industry

Dale Serafinchan started DASCO in 2011 after a 18 year career with the worlds largest oilfield service company.  Dale currently works as the chief operations officer and is focused on delivering an outstanding experience to its customers through collaboration, creativity and productivity. Dale is known for seeking out innovative personnel and customers in the oil and gas industry who provide invaluable resources and skills and then collaborating with them to produce outstanding results. Dale and his team have patented multiple technologies and are always pushing the boundaries of what can and can’t be done in the world of artificial lift. Technologies such as downhole gas separation and re-location, to bypass venting and the worlds most durable cable protection system, are but a few of the accomplishments the DASCO family has assembled. Dale believes that it takes a team of talented people with open minds working in an environment that nurtures creativity to truly innovate. This is why the team at DASCO is selected specifically for their true DNA first and skill set 2nd . Dale and his DASCO team produce top results because they work as a family for the betterment of the company and their customers. This company culture is the foundation of DASCO.

Kyle Aubin
Production Manager – 20 Years in Industry


Mike Tweedie
Sales Manager – 10 Years in Industry

Mike joined DASCO in 2013 after a successful career with Canada’s largest bank. He is known for his ability to drive business forward by focusing on solutions, rather than products. Mike combines a passion for technical thinking with a customer-centric approach to optimize the DASCO client experience. His history in competitive sports fuels his competitive spirit, and is prevalent in his project management technique. As VP of Sales and Business Development, Mike works directly with clients to assess the opportunity, build the strategy, and execute accordingly. 

Jamie Decker
Drafting – 24 Years in Industry

Brian Fitzgerald
Engineering  – 45 Years in Industry