500 Series Equipment – Schlumberger – Pump to Pump

ESP Equipment

500 Series Equipment – Schlumberger – Pump to Pump

Capillary Line Size

1 each at 0.250” & 1 each at 0.500”


11.060” (281mm)


5.713” (145mm)


14.1 lbs (6.40kg)

ESP Cable Size

Standard Size

0.500” to 0.650” Height x 2.000” Width

Custom Range

0.125” to 0.750” Height x 2.000” Width

Clamping Bolt


3/8 Drive x 3/8 UNC Thread


4140 – Min Yield 120ksi

Number Included



20 ft lbs. (240in lbs)

The DASCO DEFENDER cross coupling (collar) guard was designed to hold and protect the ESP cable to the production tubing during installation and operation. In addition the guard is required to provide a conduit for capillary lines and to protect the ESP cable from physical damage caused by casing upsets, debris and high deviations. The centralizing function of the cross-coupling guard allows the cable to ride inverted throughout the horizontal wellbore.